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An R package that fetches Weather data from websites

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weatherData is a collection of functions that will fetch weather (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity etc.) data from the Web for you as clean data frame.


This is a data frame of Ambient temperature data, extracted from Weather Undergound. Each row has two entries (columns).

Other Datasets Available

Example of Using the Built-in Data Frame

Say you wanted to find out the Date and Time in 2013 when it was hottest in Mumbai

We can use the built-in Dataset for this:

> max(Mumbai2013$Temperature)
 [1] 102.2

By using which.max we can find the row in specific row in the data set. Once we get the data set, we can print out other relavant details as well.

> which.max(Mumbai2013$Temperature)
 [1] 3212 

Putting it together:

> Mumbai2013[which.max(Mumbai2013$Temperature), ]
                     Time Temperature
 3212 2013-03-07 13:10:00       102.2

So, on March 7th Mumbai experienced the highest temperature for the year 2013.