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An R package that fetches Weather data from websites

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weatherData is a collection of functions that will fetch weather (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity etc.) data from the Web for you as clean data frame.

Example showing the use of getWeatherForYear()


Usage: getWeatherForYear("station_id", "YYYY")

First, we get two data frames, with one year's worth of temperature data in each. (365 rows each.) Note that getWeatherForYear is a function in the weatherData package.

city1 <- "ORD"
city2 <- "SFO"
df1 <- getWeatherForYear(city1, 2013)
df2 <- getWeatherForYear(city2, 2013)

Given two dataframes that contain daily temperatures (mean, min and max), we are simply taking the vectorized differences and creating another data frame.

getDailyDifferences <- function(df1, df2){
  Delta_Means <- df1$Mean_TemperatureF - df2$Mean_TemperatureF
  Delta_Max <- df1$Max_TemperatureF - df2$Max_TemperatureF
  Delta_Min <- df1$Min_TemperatureF - df2$Min_TemperatureF

  diff_df <- data.frame(Date=df1$Date, Delta_Means, Delta_Max, Delta_Min)

Next, let's write a small function using ggplot to plot the daily differences. We will use 3 facets, one each for Mean, Max and Min difference.

plotDifferences <- function (differences, city1, city2) {
  m.diff <- melt(differences, id.vars=c("Date"))
  p <- ggplot(m.diff, aes(x=Date, y=value)) + geom_point(aes(color=variable)) +  
    facet_grid(variable ~ .) +geom_hline(yintercept=0)
  p <- p + labs(title=paste0("Daily Temperature Differences: ", city1, " minus ",city2))

With these two functions in place, given any two cities, we can create the difference data frame and plot the differences. Let's try it for Chicago and San Francisco.

differences<- getDailyDifferences(df1, df2)
plotDifferences(differences, city1, city2)

And here's the resulting plot: Plot of Daily Differences

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