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An R package that fetches Weather data from websites

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weatherData is a collection of functions that will fetch weather (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity etc.) data from the Web for you as clean data frame.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why am I not getting the data I expect?

Answer: The first place to check is the website. All weatherData functions eventually get data from a comma-separated file. So the logical place to start is to go to that page (from your web browser) and check that the data is indeed there.

Q2: Why can't I get data for a very large date range?

Answer: If you try to get data for a date range much larger than 1 year, you won't get back the full data. For example, if you try using getSummarizedWeather you will get only around 400 rows. This seems to be a limit imposed by the weather underground site.

Workaround: You can get it in multiple chunks. Say one year at a time. Then you can combine them all into one giant dataframe, using rbind(). One bit of caution: Sometimes the names of the different dataframes change. You have to first convert them all to one common set of column names before rbind can work. (Use with caution!)

Q3: Can I get data from a personal Weather Station?

Note: This feature is now available only from Github Not yet on CRAN.

Answer: If you specify station_type="id" you can fetch data from personal weather stations that Weather Underground supports. There are 1000s of such stations all over the world. Get the station_id by checking the weather underground website.

Then do the following:

install_github("weatherData", "Ram-N")

#important to set the station_type to be "id"
getDetailedWeather("ISKHALBR2", "2013-08-23", station_type="id")

#get specific columns
getDetailedWeather("ISKHALBR2", "2013-08-23", station_type="id",
                 custom_columns = c(3,4))

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